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Europa #272 ZK-TSK, A Builders Log

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I am an enthusiast, but not a crank in the sense that I have some pet theories as to the proper construction of a flying machine. I wish to avail myself of all that is already known and then, if possible, add my mite to help on the future worker who will attain final success.

Wilbur Wright. May 30, 1899

This is the construction log of Europa number 272 being built by Tony Krzyzewski, a first time aircraft builder based in New Zealand. The methods I describe are not necessarily the best or most effective but are what I find work for me. This aircraft is being built under the specifications laid down by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority which broadly reflect the US EAA requirements for experimental aircraft. Further information about sport flying in New Zealand can be found on the Sport Aircraft Association of New Zealand web pages. An index of my builders log can be found further down this page.

This site is retained as a historical record of construction. I sold this kit unflown in 2010 following the loss of my pilot medical certificate

Tony Krzyzewski

A bit about me. I am 50 and live to the south east of Auckland. I run a data communications company, Kaon Technologies, which employs five staff. I have worked in the New Zealand computer industry for 31 years and keep myself busy designing and building secure data networks, writing, and keeping my staff in line. I have always been interested in flying so when Carol, my ex wife, suggested a flying lesson on my birthday in 1995 I was out of the door like a shot! Within 9 months I had my private pilot license and now have ratings on five types of aircraft including the Europa. During my initial training period I kept seeing adverts for the Europa and decided that I had to have one. I discussed the project with Carol over several months and finally permission to build was granted. In June 2000 I became the first person in New Zealand to gain a Europa type rating and at the same time made the first flight of a New Zealand registered Europa.. ZK-UBD.

I decided to put my builders log on the net primarily so that other people can share this fascinating experience. If you enjoy what I have written it makes it all worth while. If you get enthusiastic about building then I am doubly pleased.

If you have a specific query about the build then email me at . If you want to make a general comment about the site and have it become part of the permanent record then visit my guestbook using the link at the bottom of this page.

(Thanks to Graham Singleton for taking this photo of me at the controls of ZK-UBD airborne over South Auckland, February 2003).

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Europa vs Europa XS

The aircraft I am building in an original specification Europa with a number of modifications to bring it as close to Europa XS specification as practical. The major change in construction process between the original Europa and the XS specification is that the wings on the XS come largely pre assembled and finished thus saving the builder many months of work. The fin on the XS kit is part of the upper fuselage moulding rather than being foam block construction on the original kit. Whereas many Classic builders take 7 years or more to build the aircraft 2-3 years is the norm for the XS with even shorter build times being achieved by those purchasing the rapid build kit. The XS has further cosmetic changes including new cowlings and reconfigured interior and a major operational modification in the form of a redesigned tailwheel configuration.

The optional modifications I am fitting to my kit are as follows...

My Builders Log

This builders log is divided into pages with each page representing one month of the build process (except for the first two months) . I apologise for the typography and occasional spelling mistake, maybe one day I will have the time to clean the documents up a bit. In the meantime I have a plane to build.....

If you decide to follow any of the techniques shown within this log then you do so at your own risk. The Europa builder's manual and advice of your local inspector or technical advisor should be the primary references for constructing your aircraft.

I laid up the pages with the picture of the paper binders the same width as my page. If you adjust your browser the same way you will get the best views of my log.












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